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Who we are

    Subo is a contemporary bistro on Newcastle’s Hunter St. Our aim is to provide high quality, delicious and interesting bistro food in a relaxed, contemporary and modest setting. Our menus are dictated by the seasons and our commitment to quality, and our team endeavours to use products that support the local and Australian economy.

    Subo – Suzie & Beau


    Beau Vincent began his cooking career at sixteen in a small pub near his parent’s farm in Walcha, NSW. There, he learnt the basics of running a small pub kitchen but craved to learn more, managing to land a job at Tetsuya’s in Sydney. Following the completion of his apprenticeship with Tetsuya, Beau accepted his first qualified chef’s position at Guillaume at Bennelong where he spent three years exploring French cuisine.

    After this, Beau worked with Warren Turnbull at Restaurant Assiette, and in 2006, he won the Lexus Australian Young Chef of the Year Award. In July 2007, he competed in the global San Pellegrino Cooking Cup in Venice, Italy, and took third place. Returning to Guillaume at Bennelong as a sous chef, Beau began to learn the intricacies of how to manage and run a large kitchen, and was subsequently offered a head chef position at Melbourne’s Bistro Guillaume. In his first year as head chef, he earnt one Age Good Food Guide chef’s hat.

    Beau now applies the knowledge drawn from his prior experience to run Subo, the first restaurant where he is both head-chef and owner.


    Born to a Malaysian/Chinese mother and a Polish father, Suzie Vincent has spent a large part of her life exploring the food world. She started her cooking career at Guillaume at Bennelong in Sydney and, after completing her chef’s apprenticeship at the much-lauded Claude’s in Woollahra, she established Strewth Coffee Shop in Crows Nest with her sister and father.

    Following this, she worked as a waiter at the Burlington Bar and Dining in Sydney and Centonove in Melbourne. Now in Newcastle, she aims to pull details together to create warm, attentive and thoughtful dining experiences for the guests at Subo.